Spooky Halloween Videos: Music, Comedy, Pranks

aNewDomain — You don’t need Halloween to get into the creepy YouTube video mood, but it helps. Here are what I say are the scariest Halloween videos ever. From Thriller to Paul Gale Comedy and Khleo Thomas and everything in between, watch these videos to get your Halloween mood on. Enjoy.

Michael Jackson: Thriller

This music video by the late Michael Jackson is intense. Check him out performing Thriller. (C) 1982 MJJ Productions, Inc.

Video: Michael Jackson VEVO Channel on YouTube#VEVOCertified on October 29, 2010.

The Worst Horror? Losing Your Data Connection

On a totally different note, what would be scarier on Halloween than losing service on your smartphone? No data, no nothing. From Paul Gale comedy, it’s Behind the Scenes. Find the soundtrack here.

Video: Paul Gale Comedy YouTube Channel

Makeup: Zombie Halloween Tutorial

Check out this video to get a quick and detailed tutorial on Zombie Halloween makeup application. You’ll love how you look. Just perfect for getting ready for the upcoming Zombie Apocolypse, too.

Video: Gabriella

Monster Mash by Mannheim Steamroller

Enjoy a redo of the classic song, as heard on Halloween 2.

Video: Mannheim Steamroller YouTube Channel

Marilyn Manson This is Halloween Music Video

Classic Marilyn Manson. Enough said.

Video: Alex Merou YouTube Channel

The Blood Waltz: Halloween Music by Kristen Lawrence

From Kristen Lawrence’s Halloween Carols, here is Halloween waltz music. It’s ideal, she says, for vampires and any other creature of the night. She means you.

Video: Kristen Lawrence YouTube Channel

Khleo: This is Halloween

And on the other side of the spectrum, here’s hip hop artist Khleo with his now-classic Halloween tune.

Video: Rundown Videos YouTube Channel

This Is Halloween: Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas

From the best Halloween movie ever, check out This Is Halloween.

Video:RainyBobStarWars YouTube Channel

Halloween Prank Video Collection

Okay, too funny. This isn’t for everyone, let’s say that straight out. But if you’re a prankster or would-be prankster, you need to see the Halloween prank video below. A little silly. Plenty funny!

Video: Magic of Rahat YouTube Channel

Also from the folks at the Magic of Rahat channel

Here is the setup and execution of the hotel beheading prank so in the news this week.

Video: Magic of Rahat YouTube Channel

Happy Halloween from all of us at BreakingModern

For Bmod, I’m .

Cover image: Friendly pumpkin by Anders Lagerås - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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