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BreakingModern — Boasting more than 40 million active users worldwide, Spotify is one of the hottest streaming music options currently available. Launched in 2008 by a Swedish startup called Spotify AB, Spotify provides users with streaming access to more than 20 million songs and millions of playlists.


Available on your favorite mobile device, tablet, computer and even your home entertainment system, Spotify lets users search for what they want or to browse new music by collection, artist or genre. On a mobile device you can listen to artists, albums and playlists in shuffle mode or choose a playlist based on your taste and your mood. On tablet and PC you can choose any song, any time.

Spotify is Social

You can take your playlists with you, create new playlists, shuffle your lists and share them with your friends. Not looking to do the work yourself? Choose from the millions of Spotify and user-created playlists, all of which are available on the streaming site or via the app. Share music with your friends via Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, your blog and more. You can explore what your friends and even your favorite artists are listening to right now.



If you’re in the mood for discovering new music with Spotify radio, start with a song or an artist that you love, and Spotify’s algorithms will select additional music for you. “Like” songs as you hear them to improve the predictability of the station and make your radio exactly right for you.

Spotify is available for free on mobile, tablet and computer. This is not a free trial — you can always listen for free, though it’s important to note that your mobile options will be limited to “shuffle all.” If you’re interested in a type of music, a genre, or exploring themes you’re in luck, but to listen to one specific song you’ll need to switch to your tablet or computer, or upgrade to the premium version.

Like many other free apps, Spotify’s free service is supported by ads. For additional mobile options and ad-free access to the service, you can upgrade to Spotify premium for $9.99 per month. Spotify offers a 30-day free trial, but you must enter credit card information to activate the trial. Spotify premium allows you not only to play any song, anywhere, but also to download music and listen offline in high-quality audio. There is no commitment and you can cancel your subscription at any time.


Download the app onto your mobile device, tablet or computer, sign in with your Facebook account or create an email and password log in and you’re ready to listen. Spotify is available streaming via the web, and apps are available for Android on Google Play, Apple iOS, or Windows Phone.

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