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BreakingModern — Nail fashion changes gradually over time, both in nail length and polish styles. One visit to a professional manicurist may reveal the latest trends, but even an hour at the salon can be pricey. Doing your own nails at home can save both time and money. But like any professional, manicurists are paid both for expertise and talent. A well-paid salon professional works hard to keep up with the latest trends in order to meet customer demand.

It becomes a challenge for time-strapped do-it-yourselfers to stay on top of the latest looks in nail design. Fortunately, technology can help. Here are three ways nail fashion technology can help you perfect your nails without spending a fortune.

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Nail Art Printers

Nail art printers are making their way into salons around the globe, with products like Salonique promising to blow home-based nail art printers away. One UK nail salon has even invested in a nail art printer that can transfer any image onto a person’s nails. While this trend has yet to make its way to the States, the fact that celebrities in the UK are having selfies printed on their nails may make the technology attractive to America’s rich and famous. As we know all too well, once Kim Kardashian is spotted with printed nail art, the rest of the country will want it, too. In the meantime, you can do your own nails at home using products like the DIY Nail Art Varnish Color Printing Machine Kit or the NailJet Pro from ImagiNail. As this trend slowly makes its way to the U.S., you’ll already be in the know.

Nail Fashion Try-On Apps

It isn’t always easy to tell how a nail color will look from simply staring at the bottle. Fortunately, several apps have emerged that let consumers try on different nail looks before they buy. With the ModiFace Virtual Nail Salon you can try on hundreds of different nail shades using your iOS or Android device. If you’re interested in a salon-quality polish type, use OPI’s iOS app to try on different OPI shades and save the ones you like to your favorites. Whether you’re heading to the salon or purchasing your own polish, these apps are a great way to try out different looks before settling on one.

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Nail Fashion How-To Apps

Fashionistas are no longer happy with simply polishing their nails. Today’s consumers want unique nail art that they can show off on social media. iOS users can download a free Cute Nails app filled with tutorials on nail designs and nail care. For Android users, there’s Nail Art Tutorials 2014, which offers hundreds of fun nail art designs with tutorials. These apps serve as great inspiration for any DIY manicurist.

Nail fashion trends evolve over time, but technology and creativity have allowed us to be more creative than ever in our nail designs. By using the tech tools available to you, you’ll be able to impress your friends with your unique new looks and have a little fun along the way.

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