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BreakingModern — Ever wish you could just stream a podcast or Internet radio show right to your device without having to mess with setting up a whole bunch of nonsense? Like many of you, I have a pretty solid podcast addiction, but when trying to share these amazing discussions with my less tech savvy friends, it’s a nightmare.


Try explaining to your mom how to copy and paste RSS feeds into some app she has to download, then configure it to connect to the Wi-Fi every day and check for new episodes. Stitcher makes all of this much easier.

Personally I’m still a diehard Beyondpod user, but I’ve also been using it since the HTC XV6900. Do you remember that phone?


I use Stitcher when I want to listen to a particular episode of a specific show, and it’s not cached on a specific device. But of course, you can also use it to listen to the latest episodes of your favorite shows, and build personalized playlists.

StitcherStitcher boasts over 25,000 radio shows and podcasts. If you listen to podcasts on your way to work (and then sit in front of a computer all day), it even have a desktop app. Some of the reviews on the Play Store complain about buffering issues and sync problems, but I’ve never had a negative experience with it. Granted your use may vary. It does say BETA on the upper left.

Stitcher seemed to sync well for me when I pause a particular episode on my phone then open it up on the desktop app. It knew where I had left off and automatically resumed playback. This is a must-have feature for everyone who works across multiple devices and platforms.

Stitcher also has an integrated discovery engine if you are looking for something new to listen to. Start playing an episode of one of your favorite podcasts, and swipe over a couple times until you land on the discover tab. In there you’ll find other shows based on what everyone who likes a certain thing is listening to. They make it really easy to build your perfect playlist of shows and episodes.

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Based in Kalispell, MT, Mat Lee is a senior contributor at He writes hip hop, makes podcasts, and dabbles in gaming in his spare time. Follow Mat Lee on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

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