Super Bowl Commercials: The Good, the Bad and the Very Strange

BreakingModern — This was a strange Super Bowl for commercials. By the time we made it through the first half it seemed that many brands were aiming to increase our tissue consumption, make us worry about the puppy making it home, or miss our dads and feel anxious about our kids. Even with all the stress, there were some real gems and some very odd ads this year.

Microsoft offered us some inspiration from Braylon O’Neill and Estella’s Brilliant Bus. Liam Neeson ranted about his Clash of Clans addiction, and Nationwide shocked us with a commercial featuring a kid telling us he’s dead.

Super Bowl Commercials

I’ve included links to some of the best Super Bowl commercials, starting with the five best commercials of the night and ending with honorable mentions for the extremely weird.

The Best of the 2015 Super Bowl

Always #likeagirl campaign invites us to rewrite the rules.

Video — Super Bowl 2015: Always Ad

 Mophie tells us to #staypowerful.

Video — mophie 2015 Game Day Commercial | “All-Powerless”

 BMW reminds us that not long ago even the Internet was a mysterious concept.

Video — Super Bowl 2015: BMW Ad

Weight Watchers — Take back control!

Video: Weight Watchers Super Bowl Commercial 2015 AD All You Can Eat - Best weight loss program

Bud Light - old school fun with Real Life Pac Man #upforwhatever.

Video: Bud Light Super Bowl 2015 Commercial – Real Life PacMan #UpForWhatever

Here are Some of the Other Winners:

JEEP making us want someone finance our trip around the world.

Video — Official 2015 Jeep Super Bowl Commercial | Beautiful Lands | Jeep Renegade

 McDonalds will be randomly accepting payment this month in “Lovin’.”

Video — McDonald’s: Super Bowl XLIX Pay With Lovin’

Sketchers featuring Pete Rose with a chuckle-worthy reference to his Hall of Fame snub.

Video — Skechers Relaxed Fit Super Bowl 2015 Commercial Pete Rose

Return of the Budweiser #bestbuds.

Video — 2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “Lost Dog” | Budweiser #BestBuds

 Coke trying to turn cyber bullying on its head with #makeithappy.

Video: Coca-Cola Super Bowl Commercial 2015 Ads | Coca-Cola Big Game 2015 Teaser – Something Big

Doritos featuring kid ingenuity with “When Pigs Fly.”

Video — When Pigs Fly

The Best in Celebrities Making Fun of Their Public Snafus:

Esurance featuring Lindsay Lohan.

Video — Lindsay Lohan Super Bowl Commercial 2015 Sorta Mom by Esurance.

T-Mobile featuring Kim Kardashian #savethedata.

Video — #KimsDataStash | T-Mobile Commercial

Strange, but Clever:

Nationwide and the Invisible Mindy Kaling.

Video: Invisible Mindy Kaling – Nationwide Super Bowl XLIX Ad Teaser

Just Full on Strange:

Loctite glue — the return of the fanny packs?

Video — Loctite Super Glue: Dance

 Squarespace – dreaming with Jeff Bridges?

Video — Squarespace Super Bowl 2015: Om -

For BMod, I’m  .

All screenshots: Becket Morgan

Featured image credit: Nothing on TV” by via Flickr Creative Commons

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