How To Survive Valentine’s Day Alone

BreakingModern — This year, Valentine’s Day lands on a Saturday and that can only mean one thing: most couples will be flaunting their love in front of the single ladies and men. Here are some tips to get through the overload of romance on the proclaimed day of love.

Valentine's Day

Forget that it’s Valentine’s Day

In all honesty, it’s not a national holiday, so really it’s a just another regular day. Go about your regular routine and forget all those cheesy boxes of chocolate or people carrying big balloons. Keep calm and carry on.

Spread the Love

Although most people technically understand Valentine’s Day to be a day dedicated to that special someone, it doesn’t have to be in a romantic sense. Use Valentine’s Day to spread the love to strangers, friends and family. Find a charity to support or volunteer at a local event. It’s a great way to keep you occupied, it gets you out of the house and you won’t have to deal with the lovebirds patrolling the streets. Spending some quality time with friends and family, whether it’s chatting or just hanging out with them, will boost your spirits and make you feel a lot less alone.

Valentine's Day

Treat Yo’ Self

Be selfish and indulge on this day — just for you. Make time to go to the spa, get your nails done and focus on yourself. While everyone else is spending money to impress their significant other or Valentine, you get to keep that money and spend it on yourself. Just make sure to act fast and book those appointments before they fill up.

Throw a Party

Not everyone you know will have a Valentine, so throw a party. You could do what Jessica Biel did in Valentine’s Day and throw an anti-love party, or throw a party that caters to single people mingling together. Whichever option you choose, commit to it. If you’re going for the anti-love theme, forget flowers and chocolate and anything lovey-dovey. If you have to suffer through this day, you mind as well get the most out of it and sulk in good food and strong wine.

Valentine's Day

Get Hooked to Netflix

If you still feel lonely on Valentine’s Day and want to find a significant other, aka “bae,” there’s always Netflix. Anytime is the perfect time to binge watch a TV series or a bunch of movies, since Netflix is constantly adding newer titles to their list. This could be the perfect time to catch up on Friends, House of Cards, The Walking Dead or re-watch the classic high school girl drama, Mean Girls. Buy a bottle of wine and get comfortable on the couch — watching Netflix can easily be an all day event. And look, V-Day is suddenly over!

For BMod, I’m Alicia Chinatomby.

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