CES 2015: Blisslights Debuts Amazing Laser and Holographic Tech

BreakingModern — At CES 2015 there have been more than 20,000 new product announcements. I’ve been attending the convention for about 15 years. And, I have to admit, after all these years I’ve become a little jaded. It’s hard to truly impress me anymore.

This year, however, a simple new product has really enthralled me. Amid all the spectacle and hoopla (the Samsung and LG Ultra HD TV displays were outstanding, by the way), I was impressed by a little laser light that you can hold in one hand.


Blisslights SprightThe BlissLights Spright uses laser and holographic technology to project thousands of pinpoints of light from just one small lamp. Two things are unique about this light. First, the lights are not static. You can see them shimmer and “move.” Second, the projected distance is amazing. While the BlissLights people say the coverage area is 30’ by 30’, if you project them upward into something like a group of trees, they seem to almost merge with the stars.

I am lucky enough to have been able to test out BlissLights Spright at my home before CES. I live in North Carolina, the land of tall pine trees. Many of my trees have Jasmine, which is green year round, growing up their trunks. One green BlissLights at the base of a Jasmine-studded tree projects shimmering green points of light through the Jasmine and up into the branches of the tree.

Blisslights HEADER

People have asked if I had my husband climb into the trees and place the lights up there. He didn’t do any such thing — the setup for BlissLights couldn’t be simpler. Just plug the light in, stick it in the ground, and adjust it to project where you want it. You get an amazing display of fireflies dancing in your garden, all with a plug-n-play setup.

BlissLights Spright comes in three colors: green, blue and red. The green are the most spectacular to light up the yard, but if you have a swimming pool, the blue might be perfect for you.

Available now on AmazonQVC and the BlissLights website. Prices range from $100 to $200.

Live from CES 2015 and for BMod, I’m .

Featured image/Screenshot: Sandy Berger courtesy of BlissLights

Sandy Berger

Author: Sandy Berger

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