Do Texting Lapses Hurt Our Relationships? FWEXT has a Solution

BreakingModern – In our always connected world, we’re not only available almost anytime, we’re expected to be available 24/7, especially when it comes to text messages. My friend recently complained to me that his girlfriend asked if he was all right, and if everything was fine between them, when he missed some of her texts or delayed responding. It’s a sign of the times, and the app FWEXT is here to help.


Text Me Back. No, Seriously

The reality is that a lack of response to a text message is now equated as insulting someone. It can cause follow-up texts filled with sarcasm, humor, anger, guilt and even the psycho break-up. “I love that super cute thing you do where you don’t text me for hours. Gah. Adorable,” is an example of the Buzzfeed article “17 Perfect Responses for When Someone Doesn’t Text Back”. Another keeper: “Noah wrote Allie 365 letters, so I think you can text me back.”

According to the texting etiquette outlined by Bro Council (a site for “respectable men”), the rule of texting is to always respond, unless you don’t want that person to be your friend. Otherwise, they’ll probably assume the worst. They might even read “Ten Reasons People Don’t Respond to Your Texts,” which will explain to them in clear terms that you don’t like them, you’re likely getting revenge on them through a slow text and response and that you are, in reality, boring.


Can You Salvage Your Relationships with Automatic Texting?

Responding to every text can be challenging, especially while at work, driving or simply doing the dishes. The new free FWEXT app can help you avoid any text-based misunderstandings or hostilities, and it’s available for Android on Google Play. FWEXT is a motion-based, automatic texting app that lets you preprogram up to three text messages and send them by a few shakes of your phone, such as ““I’m busy and can’t talk. I’ll respond later.”

FWEXT allows you to even set an automated response to a particular person, such as a girlfriend/boyfriend who may need extra texting attention. A message such as, “I can’t talk right now honey since I’m busy. I’ll respond soon. I love you,” could go a long way, and it can be done with a simple shake of the phone. If that message gets old you can easily change it. FWEXT detects three different movements of a phone to send three different messages: left-to-right, back-and-forth and up-and-down.

It’s a more simple form of the Smart Hoodie, which allows wearers to send texts based on gestures like rolling up a sleeve or putting on a hood. The hoodie still undergoing testing and it isn’t clear how you wash the thing, but the message is clear: We need relief from the pressures text messaging puts on all of us.

FWEXT is a fairly simple answer to a larger issue. Perhaps the true solution does not live in a more convenient way to respond, but in the false expectation that we should receive a response to every electronic message we send. Until that occurs, FWEXT may be the very thing that helps you smooth things over with your loved one, or avoid resentment, sarcasm and hurt feelings.

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  1. Dino Londis

    I think you need to get less sensitive friends if they feel slighted when you don’t respond right away.

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