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BreakingModern — Yes, 2048 is just one of those games. Available for free at Google Play, 2048 is so simple. Rudimentary, even. But it is sophisticated and mind-boggling, too. I would call it the Kim Kardashian of mobile games, but 2048 actually improves your math skills.

2048 StartThe object of 2048 is simple: combine two of the same tiles and improve to the next one. Two improves to four, four improves to eight, and so on. The goal is to reach that namesake number of 2048.

That is, by the way, two to the 11th power. Give it up for my epic math skills.

The game’s difficulty is like that of Candy Crush Saga, going from a complete walkover to phone smashingly impossible with an occasional need to rage at the corners.

Here are some epic 2048 tips to get you going. Because this is such a simple game, it doesn’t require complex strategies. It’s the little things that mean the difference between victory and defeat in this game.

Don’t Waste Moves

First, don’t ever waste any moves. Not ever. It may seem like a no-duh answer, but when I say don’t waste moves, I mean it as an imperative, in a chess-like context. Every time a move is made a new block appears. Those will build up like kidney stones. So like a game of chess, make every move strategic.

If you can, try and cram two blocks together on every turn.

2048 Big BlocksDon’t try to sacrifice some turns to attempt to achieve a greater goal, such as swiping up to attempt to match the eight blocks together. There’s a reason why I suck at chess, and that’s Exhibit A. Rather than attempting to set up a future epic move, it’s more efficient to take care of what’s already in front of you. There’s less room for error. Believe me, those excess blocks will pile up faster than frosted mugs in the middle of Oktoberfest.

Big Blocks First

That being said, always combine the biggest blocks first. It will boost your score (and give you bragging rights about being the first among your friends to reach a certain number). Additionally, it’s important to do this because trying to line up two of the correct blocks is a hair-pulling science of epic proportion. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit. But I’m telling you: the bigger the blocks, the harder it is to line them up.

However, if it’s comparing two small blocks such as a four and an eight, go for the eight. You’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll hit the big numbers. Although, when you do get to those numbers, please don’t put them in corners. There is already one mobile game where players rage at the corners (cough Candy Crush Saga cough). Don’t make 2048 another one. If you can be sure to sweep a stack you can make more than one combination at a time. Remember, efficiency is the name of the game. If you attempt to make the most combos in the shortest period of time, the big numbers will automatically accumulate.

2048 Move Em OverMove ‘Em On Over

Finally, a friend gave me this tip: move your big numbers to one side. That way all the remaining blocks can come by the other side, and there’s a staggered advance into the big numbers. This is a strategy recommended for veteran players seeking to get a new high score. I attempted to execute this strategy but fell short. Attempting to set this up is a bit hard, but if you can pull it off it’s definitely an epic strategy.

And that’s it for 2048, a simple and open game that is free for Android on Google Play and Apple iOS. These are general tips to help you guys in what is a nice sandbox game. If anyone has any extra tips you’d like to provide (or any advice in general), feel free to leave them in the comments below.

For BMod, I’m Puching Zhang.

All screenshots: Puching Zhang

Puching Zhang

Author: Puching Zhang

Based in Chicago, Puching Zhang covers the gaming beat for BreakingModern.

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  1. I love this game and one of the keys I have found is to keep the blocks at the top. Don’t let the game board shift around the edges. Only make moves horizontally or upwards. It keeps the board more in control and minimizes orphan small numbers that get trapped behind big numbered blocks.

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