Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2014

BreakingModern – Hello friends! As the year draws to a close, it’s time for a wrap up of all the monumental moments on YouTube that occurred in 2014 — those that were both exposed and hidden from the public eye. So sit back and relax as I bring up the best this year had to offer in one convenient (not to mention eloquent) list!

Bill Gates ALS Ice bucket Challenge

This year saw the rise of the Ice Bucket Challenge, where anyone could challenge their friends to pour a bucket of ice water on themselves in order to raise awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). It became commonplace between various YouTubers, but no one expected Bill Gates to catch on to this noble trend. So, click if you want to watch one of the richest men in the world freeze himself in a very … unique way!

EWW Guardians of the Galaxy

I bet no one saw a GotG video coming. I don’t know about you, but I loved this movie, so in order to celebrate the funniest and coolest movie of 2014 I’m letting CinemaSins do what it does best: pick it apart for flaws! Be prepared to discuss the plausibility of talking raccoons and deep space in the comment section, because they are going all out.

True Facts about the Octopus

And now for the top science video of the year … at least that’s what I would say if this guy wasn’t so darn funny! Zefrank1 is here to bring you the latest in animal factoids, and this year he struck gold with his octopus video. If you like interesting tidbits, a voice as soothing as Morgan Freeman’s and lots and lots of baby talk, click the link and watch his other videos.

Animator vs. Animation IV

I don’t know if anybody else remembers Animator vs. Animation one, two and three, but those were some of the first flash animations on the Internet. If you haven’t seen the first three, I highly recommend watching them before diving into this video because it’s great to see how far the animator has come over the past seven (wow, is it really seven?) years. In all honesty, I thought the series was done at three, so you can imagine my surprise when this video came out halfway through the year! Be warned: awesome fight scenes imminent.

How to Remove Your Moustache

Ahh … Movember. Every year men choose to grow out their moustache to raise awareness for men’s health issues. I’ve seen before and after pictures, but never have I seen a How To video for what eventually comes next. Warning: DO NOT remove your moustache like this. Failure to listen will result in your house probably burning down.


Now here’s a video that came out of nowhere. Every single year there seems to be a hip new phrase that everyone feels the need to stick into normal conversation. Last year’s was “swag” and the year before that was “hella.” Now all I hear is “I can’t even.” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! Next time you hear “I can’t even,” think back to this video and try your hardest not to laugh.

Jackie Chan — How to Do Action Comedy

Edgar Wright — How to Do Visual Comedy

Whoa! What’s this? Two videos from the same channel? Alex, you must be mad! Maybe so, random viewer, but both these videos deserve a spot on this list. If I’ve ever seen a rising YouTube channel in the making, Every Frame a Painting is just that. Seriously, for being on YouTube for less than a year this guy knows his stuff and has extremely high quality videos, but all he needs is popularity. In these two videos, Tony talks about two different styles of comedy from two different artists. If you are a movie buff or have ever watched a movie in your life, check these videos out. It honestly changes everything.

Markiplier — Five Nights at Freddy’s

Video: WARNING: SCARIEST GAME IN YEARS | Five Nights at Freddy’s - Part 1

If you’ve ever wandered through the realm of video games within the past four months, one game should stand out as the success story of the year: Five Nights at Freddy’s. A humble indie horror game at first, FNAF exploded in popularity thanks to, and I think I can safely say this, Markiplier. Being one of the first YouTubers to play this game, Markiplier and his videos have spawned countless other videos (both his and other YouTubers’) and even the sequel FNAF2. Whether you want to scream along with Markiplier or witness the beginning of one of the biggest booms in video game history, check out the video. You won’t be disappointed.

YouTube Rewind: Turn Down For 2014

And what better way to end the list with the annual YouTube Rewind video? Check out your favorite YouTubers as they re-enact any and every memorable YouTube moment I’ve missed on my list! It’s been a great year for YouTube, and I personally can’t wait to see what the new year brings to the table. So watch the fireworks, make those New Year’s resolutions and I’ll see you next year with a whole new batch of videos!


For BMod, I’m Alex Kwong.

Featured image: Alex Kwong

Header image: Webtreats - 272 YouTube Icons Promo Pack” by webtreats via Flickr Creative Commons

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