The Votes Are In! Green is Good Photo Feature

BreakingModern — We started the photography feature Green is Good in an effort to show the world just how awesome the color green is. We love green. We asked you, the readers of BreakingModern, to show us all how you visualize the idea of “Green is Good” through photos.

Unlike my Eyewitness Photo column, which focuses on photos taken on HTC smartphones or cameras, ALL cameras were part of the acceptable medium for Green is Good. Smartphone cameras, DSLRs or your favorite webcam photos were all allowed for this photography feature. T

he photos submitted on Instagram using the hashtag #breakography were absolutely awesome. We wanted to share one of the photos that was submitted here on the site. It was a tough decision as I discussed several different photos with my colleagues, but I concluded on a photo I found to be my favorite.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mike Sweeney and his #breakography photograph.

Just another California night by the pool

mike sweeney breakography photography

By day, Sweeney is a network architect. By night and most other hours, he’s a professional photographer who not only does amazing work with his D700 camera, but also with his iPhone. The smartphone captured this awesome Green is Good photo. The pool looks great and invites you to take a calming dip in its waters. Intriguing and beautiful photograph, Sweeney.

From a photography standpoint, Sweeney spends a lot of time scouring the West Coast for great photographs. His work includes (but is not limited to) that of personal portraits, landscapes and even urban street life. His website not only features his photography work but also provides resources to help make you a better photographer.

One of my favorites photos from Sweeney comes by way of his family vacation in Utah. Having the professional eye for photography, Sweeney applies his knowledge and skillset to iphoneography quite easily. He shares his knowledge in his eBook, which is offered on iTunes.

The iPhones contain nice cameras — why not take a look at his book for more tips and tricks on using them? Can you imagine how great his work would look on an HTC One M8, like the one I have?

Congratulations to Mike Sweeney on being the featured photographer from our Green is Good promotion. Be sure to add Sweeney to your social media connections. You can follow him on his Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook pages and say hi. Stay tuned for the next promotion!

For BMod, I’m

Featured image credit: Mike Sweeney

Header image credit: Ant Pruitt

Ant Pruitt

Author: Ant Pruitt

Based in Charlotte, NC, Ant Pruitt covers photography and smartphone cameras for BreakingModern. Follow him @ant_pruitt on Twitter.

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