Is Your Wardrobe a Date Repellent?

BreakingModern — Maybe you’ve been on a series of first dates only. Or you’ve noticed that when you’re out with friends, everyone else seems to get all the attention. You know it can’t be your personality, smarts or bright pearly-white smile. Let’s say it’s something you’re wearing.

When it comes to clothing, people seem to lack the ability to see themselves objectively. We may think our favorite pair of leggings or yoga pants are the latest in fashion, while everyone else sees them as a fashion no-no. If you’ve noticed you seem to be scaring the opposite sex away with your fashion choices, maybe it’s time to stand in front of a full-length mirror and take a serious look at what you’re wearing.

Keep it Classy

When you are dressing to impress the opposite sex, it can be tempting to reveal all your best assets. If you’ve ever shown up for a date in clothing that’s not-quite-there, however, don’t feel bad. It’s a mistake even the classiest women have made.

“While you wanted to show your sexy side, what you told him was that this is the way you dress for all your dates,” says advice columnist April Masini. “Don’t get me wrong — cleavage, great legs, a trim waist — these are all assets you should show off. But not all at once. Pick one.”

Neat is Best

Before you leave the house, look at yourself from head to toe. Is your clothing clean and free of rips or tears? Are your shoes in good shape, without scuffs? Instead of chasing the latest trends, it’s far more impressive to be seen as classy and neat.

You don’t have to spend your entire paycheck on the latest designer fashions. You also don’t have to have a closet stuffed with clothing. Instead, purchase a few timeless classics that can be mixed and matched to create the illusion that you’re wearing different clothing every day, even when you aren’t.

Be Realistic

The truth is, guys care very little about clothing trends. You either look hot or you don’t. When it comes to clothing, men don’t care about labels or price tags. They’re more concerned about how the clothing shows off your best assets. In other words, those Roberto Cavalli jeans may impress your friends and fellow fashionistas, but the men around you will be busy looking at the way they accent your curves.

Instead of blowing a week’s pay on an outfit for your next date, go through your closet and try a few things on. Stop thinking of impressing a woman and think about your date. Focus on the way the clothes look on you. If you can find an outfit that will bring out your finest features while still leaving plenty to the imagination, you’ll have a winning date outfit.

When it comes to clothing, men pay far less attention than women think. By finding clothing that brings out your best features, you’ll worry about one less thing when you go on your date, and focus on enjoying the evening.

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Stephanie Faris

Author: Stephanie Faris

Stephanie Faris is the Simon & Schuster author of two middle grade novels, 25 Roses and 30 Days of No Gossip, as well as the upcoming Piper Morgan chapter book series. A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, she worked in information systems for 13 years. Her work is regularly featured on a wide variety of blogs and websites, both under her own name and as a ghostwriter. She lives in Nashville with her husband, Neil.

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