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BreakingModern — If you are on the snowy East Coast of the United States or are looking at the weather from the sunny and dry West Coast, a weather app is a very handy tool for your daily routine. But are you, like me, tired of looking at the old weather forecasts and models? Then try the Yahoo Weather app. Standard weather maps usually give you the temperature and other indices in text. Plain numbers and text do a fine job of conveying the weather. But let’s face it — we’ve come to expect screens that are visually appealing.

That’s why I like Yahoo Weather. Not only is it free to download for Android on Google Play and Apple iOS, but it gets all the pertinent information into the app while still making it look good.

Yahoo Weather

The first screen shows the current weather for the location of your choice on the backdrop of a lovely full-screen picture.

Scroll down for the hourly and five- or 10-day forecast. Scroll farther to get weather details like humidity, visibility and UV index. This is followed by a map that you can tap on for more information. The map can be changed to a satellite image, a heat map, a wind map or a U.S. radar map.

At the bottom is the screen that I enjoy the most on this app. It shows the wind with animated windmills, the precipitation in the form of rain drops, snow or hail and the times for the sunrise and sunset. The phase of the moon appears as a cute animation.

Yahoo Weather can handle the weather from 20 different locations. Just add a location, then swipe side-to-side to view them. You can also get the weather forecast in daily notifications in the morning and evening.

Unfortunately, the app has ads that are quite large and I couldn’t find any way to turn them off. The saving grace is that there is generally only one large ad, and you can scroll through it quite quickly.

Widget Functions

Android users get an added bonus when using this app. You can post the Yahoo Weather app on any screen, so you can always see the current weather. And if there are severe weather conditions, you’ll get an instant weather alert. There are also a broad range of widget sizes (some are combined with a useful clock or hourly forecasts).

Apple iOS 8 users can add the Yahoo Weather widget to their notification screen, too, but Android users get more options for their widget, including the ability to customize the background of the widget and to swipe sideways on the widget to view all the cities they have chosen.

The often-stunning pictures used in the Yahoo Weather app are from Flickr, which crowdsources these photographs to go with the location, weather and time of day. I would love to be able to post some of my own pictures right from my phone, but right now the closest that I can come is to join #projectweather on Flickr and submit photos there.

They say it’s the little things in life that make a difference. This app, with its highly polished interface and easy accessibility, can make a difference in how you view the weather.

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All screenshots: Sandy Berger

Sandy Berger

Author: Sandy Berger

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