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BreakingModernZoodles‘ fun and educational online learning experiences for young children offer peace of mind for parents. The key benefit of the Zoodles system is the combination of engaging activities for young children within a system that allows for comprehensive parental input and control. Sporting a creative and simple UI designed specifically for young users, the wide variety of high quality content gleaned from across the Internet by Zoodles’ educational experts provides an online playground that is safe and fun.

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Zoodles offers content specific to your child’s age and skill level, working to balance their individual abilities with activities that will challenge them to learn at a higher level. Each game has been played through from start to finish by the team of Zoodles experts, who rate each game based on engagement and educational value.

Parent Controls

The Parent Dashboard gives you multiple opportunities to customize your child’s experience. Creation of an account (including an email address) is required to activate Zoodles for your family, primarily with a focus on keeping your child’s information secure and private.

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By entering specific data about your child, including his or her age and interests, Zoodles is better able to suggest the most appropriate educational content. Each child has an individualized Playground, and you can access the parental controls for all your children through one Dashboard.

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Parent Play-Along mode gives you a chance to play side by side with children who can’t yet use a mouse on their own. You can explain the written directions or click where your child points to help guide their experience.

Connect with Family

Zoodles also provides ways for your child to connect with other family members by allowing them to send story books and video mail. You control who is invited and who is connecting with your child via your Parent Dashboard. Family members can make recordings of themselves reading children’s books, and your child will be able to watch the reading in their Playground.

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Each account includes one free storybook you can read and record for your child. Additional books are available one at a time for a fee, or you can upgrade to become a Premium Member to gain access to all the books.

Cost and Accessibility

The basic level of Zoodles is available to anyone for free, and the web-based and mobile apps are always free for your child to use. The Premium Membership adds additional control and customization features to the Parent Dashboard, including the ability to block ads, promote specific subjects, set time limits for your child and much more. Zoodles Premium is available for $7.95 per month, $39.95 for six months or $59.95 for one year.

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Clicking to download the app requires Adobe Flash, which means the game can’t be played on certain devices and can only be played on a PC or Mac if Flash is enabled. Zoodles includes a list of mobile devices supporting Flash (available here). Zoodles games and activities are designed for young children up to age 8.

Zoodles is available free for PC, Mac, Android tablet, iPad, Android, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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