Submission Guidelines

BreakingModern (BMod) is an HTC and aNewDomain Media collaboration. Inspired by the amazing universe of HTC users, we wanted to create a site that reflects and reports on the interests, activities and creativity of our audience.

How to submit your work
Send your submissions to [email protected]. If you are writing for us for the first time, please include a short bio and a headshot photo.

What stories to submit
BreakingModern welcomes reviews, news and commentary. Our writers represent a range of experience and areas of coverage from personal tech to travel and lifestyle. We love new ideas, laugh out loud observations and good writing. What are your life hack tips? How do you use your phone? What do you want to share with other smart and great people like you? We welcome stories of different lengths from short snackable entertaining pieces to in-depth

Daily photo contest
If you want to be a published photographer, look no further. We at BreakingModern are always looking for great photos, and we feature one a day here on the site. All you need is an HTC smartphone and a good eye. We’ll do the rest.

To enter, email your photo to [email protected]. Briefly explain in that email what the subject of the photo is, the make and model of the HTC smartphone you used and what apps or settings you used to take it. Email us any other commentary you think we’ll want to include. Include your Twitter or Google+ address. We’ll share it through the social webs — and your picture will have a shot at the best photo of the month and the grand prize photo of the year drawing.

Click here for a sample post so you can see what your works of art will look like.

When will my story be published?
We receive many submissions in addition to our scheduled lineup from our staff of writers. If we can publish your story we will confirm receipt via an email. Due to the volume of the submissions we are not able to respond to every query.

Our stories adhere to the following journalistic standards listed below:

Facts — Including the proper names, product names, company names with relevant links helps us greatly. We do fact check our work and appreciate getting the right information.

Errors — Spelling and grammatical errors slow us down. Please submit clean copy.

Quotations — If you quote someone, please make sure you can back it up with links or correspondence.

Disclosure — If you have special ties to your source of information let the reader know what they are.

Supporting your story — Check in with the company or person you are writing about.

Editing — While we do edit stories including rewriting headlines, for various reasons such as bringing the main theme of the story to the forefront or focusing on a timely theme, we do our best not to alter the tone and content of the story.

Questions? Contact us. We’d love to hear from you.