Charles Manson, March Madness Moments and Your Photos: BMod Week In Review

BreakingModern — This week we learned about the woman who set out to break convicted murderer Charles Manson’s heart — and also about a study that claims that Americans 18-25 are among the least skilled in the world. We shared some March Madness bracketing tips — and key moments.  And BMod TV launched the first BMod Minute with Kym Fitz.

If you sent us a Lazy Dog photo via Instagram, this was the week we voted on those, too. Meet Mary Klaustemeir’s Rocky, below.

Here’s a look back at the best stories from BMod for the week ending March 21, 2015.

The Votes Are In: Your Lazy Dog Photos Here!

lazy dog days rocky breakography breakingmodern

“The BMod team announced another Instagram #breakography photography challenge a few weeks ago, asking followers to share their version of “Lazy Dog Days.” Any type of camera was allowed — and any type of dog, too. Boy, were they lazy. We received some great entries and, after much debate, our staff voted on the favorite submission. Welcome to BreakingModern, Rocky. This cute pup is with us courtesy of Mary Klaustemeir.”

Survey: Young Americans Are Among the Least Literate In the World. What?

american millennials navy exam featured

“According to researchers at the Educational Testing Service (ETS), Americans aged 18 to 35 rate far below other industrialized nations in basic skills such as literacy, math and problem solving.

ETS recently analyzed the results from the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies test, designed to measure the job skills of adults in more than 20 countries. The results shocked survey participants, researchers said..”

March Madness 2015: On the Art and Science of Bracket Making

March Madness Bracketology

by Gina Smith.

“It’s become an NCAA March Madness tradition: Bracket making. But if you’re thinking of entering into your office’s or another local penny ante March Madness pool, make sure you’re making your brackets the smart way. There’s a real art and science to bracket making, as this excellent infographic shows. You need to master its intricacies. Here’s how.”

BMod Minute: Toyota i-Road, Shia’s Rattail, Chill Saunas

The BMod Minute: Kym Fitz/Jimmy Gyselinck exclusively for BreakingModern

Five Tips to Enhance Productivity at Work


“With our attention being pulled in so many directions, it’s tough to stay focused and productive at work. Here are a few tips from productivity experts to help you make the most of your time.”


The Woman Who Broke Charles Manson’s Heart


“This is the strange, true tale of how a man and woman conspired to steal the body of the (still living) notorious mass murderer Charles Manson.”

Six articles made the cut as our most-popular posts of the week. We’ll have plenty more for you next week. Like what you see? Subscribe to the BreakingModern RSS or follow our streams conveniently on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, and say hi! Have an awesome weekend.

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Young Americans image credit: Sailors Take Exam by Official U.S. Navy Page via Flickr

Five Tips for Productivity image credit: caffeinating, calculating, computerating by Ryan Ritchi via Flickr

Cartoon: Ted Rall exclusively for BreakingModern


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