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BreakingModernCooking Fever is a time-management and cooking game. But it’s also a parody of another game called Cooking Dash 2016. I was curious to find out if it could compare favorably to the original game’s glitz and variety.

cooking fever

The premise of Cooking Fever is simple. In the beginning you’re a chef working at a regular ol’ burger joint. As you gain more experience, you unlock bigger and better restaurants to cook in.

Gameplay-wise, it has the mechanics of a classic time-management game — you’re cooking and serving food under severe time restrictions. It starts very slowly and I thought it was one of those easy walkover games. But as you gain more experience, the game gets harder and harder. It truly is a challenge to cook burgers, plate dishes, pour sodas, and serve grumpy customers. See kids, this is why multitasking is a bad idea (some of the time anyway).

cooking fever

As you play you can earn upgrades that apply to cooking times, waiting times and the quality of the food. It all depends on your preference. Props to the game creators. The more I upgraded my food, the more I was tempted to lick my phone screen.

You can also add decorations to your restaurant. And these decorations give you unexpected bonuses (such as lenient customer wait times). Which makes sense, I guess. When I’m waiting for food at a restaurant I always kill time by looking around at the décor.

cooking fever

Also, there’s a leveling system for each new restaurant. As you reach new levels, new mechanics are unlocked. For example, I started out just frying burgers, but soon I was cooking hot dogs and French fries.

As good as the game is, it does have some flaws. The gameplay gets repetitive after a while (despite the upgrades and leveling system) and all the customers look like generic cutouts. That said, however, the restaurants are fairly well rendered. And, as you’d expect, the food always looks yummy.

Overall, I would give Cooking Fever an 8/10. Although it suffers slightly from mediocre character models and repetitive gameplay, it’s a challenging game with great cooking mechanics and a superb upgrade system. Cooking Fever is free to download for Android on Google Play and Apple iOS.

For BMod, I’m Puching Zhang.

All Screenshots: Puching Zhang

Puching Zhang

Author: Puching Zhang

Based in Chicago, Puching Zhang covers the gaming beat for BreakingModern.

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