FitClick Talk-to-Track: A Simple Way to Track Calories

BreakingModern — I am great at starting projects, but terrible at follow through. My sister inherited our mother’s ability to finish just about any task she starts, but that talent completely skipped me in the divvying up of genes. Generally speaking, I need to make things insanely easy for myself if I want to have a chance at following through.


Lately I’ve been working to pay more attention to my nutrition and fitness and am trying to build a few habits into my routine to make it easier to keep track. That’s where FitClick Talk-to-Track comes in. Talk-to-Track is the first app of its kind on the market and is a potential game changer for how people track their diets.

If you’ve ever tried to track your food intake, it quickly becomes a massive chore. You type in a food, search through multiple lists to find the right type of food, the right preparation type, then keep clicking to select the serving size and save it to your day. Then you need to complete the whole process with every food, condiment, drink and snack throughout your day. It’s really no wonder that many people have a tough time following through on this habit.



With Talk-to-Track, you use the microphone in your mobile device to record yourself speaking the name of each food you’ve eaten. The app dutifully adds it right to your daily record. Tap into the section, change a few serving sizes, tweak anything that needs tweaking, then save and you’re done. For the first time, I think I’ve found a way to track food intake that’s simple enough even for me to stick with.

To learn more about the app, I talked with Jim Mrowka, President and Co-Founder of Genesant Technologies, the parent company for FitClick.

I think one of the most frustrating things for anyone concerned about a healthy diet is the vast amount of misinformation available on the Internet. According to Mrowka, FitClick uses registered dietician consultants to provide expertise to help ensure the science behind its apps is sound.



“If we all knew how many calories we were eating every day that would be a huge advantage,” said Mrowka. “People who track their calories have much more success losing weight.” The FitClick Talk-to-Track app makes it so easy and efficient that it’s much easier to track calorie intake on a regular basis.


While the Talk-to-Track feature itself is certainly the best part of the app, Mrowka said that FitClick would be rolling out additional features in the future including Talk-to-Track Fitness. This will allow users to see their net calories for the day, tracking not only calorie intake but also calories burned by physical activity.

“The first step is knowing what you’re putting in your body,” said Mrowka.

Luckily for all of us, the talk-to-text app is so simple, I think even I can follow through on using it. Talk-to-Track is free to download for Android on Google Play and Apple iOS.

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