Masthead: BreakingModern

Gina Smith - Editorial Director, Publisher and Editor in Chief

Joy Ma, Dino Londis - Executive Editor, Managing Editor (special projects)

David Street —  Chief Finance Officer

Tom Ewing — Exec VP, Strategy, Legal, Edit Leadership Team

Tim Downs — VP, Creative, Edit Leadership Team

Ted Rall - Edit Leadership Team, Senior Columnist/Cartoonist

Cyndy Sandor — Edit Leadership Team, VP Business Development, Social/Marketing

Julie Pimenthal, Jamie Ouye — Directors of Social Media/Branding

Mat Lee - Web Dev,  Engineering, Podcast Host, Writer

Leann Pickard - Web Dev, Architecture and Design

Ant Pruitt — Photo Editor, Web Development, Social

Daniel Zweier - Editor, Writer

Eric Searleman - Editor, Writer

Becket Morgan - Editor, Writer

Kevin Marcus - Copy Chief, Night Editor

Video Production: Marc Klempf and Justin Webb (executive producers). Plus Gina Smith, Ty Towriss, Randy Waters, Mat Lee, Cole Smithey, Jeannie Finnerty, Tom Ewing, Kerry Kinsey, Justin Grant, Snippies of NYC.

Senior Writers:  Raquel Cool, Becket Morgan, Cassandra Chin, Alex Kwong,  Sandy Berger, Brian Burgess, Alicia Chinatomby, Brant David, Mark W. Kaelin, David Michaelis, Andrea Lim, Justine Crawford, Lamont Wood,  Chandler Harris, Puching Zhang, Rob Reilly, Terry Gardner, Ben Leonard, Chris Miller,  Helen Anne Travis, Jacqueline Emigh,  David Michaelis, John C. Dvorak

Editorial Assistants: Renee Polly, Berny Harmon (assistants to Gina Smith and Tom Ewing)David Michaelis, John C. Dvorak

AND-HTC Editorial Planning - Chris Grothkopp, Jen Etter, Leann Underwood, Gina Smith, Joy Ma, Cyndy Sandor, Jonathan Hoffberg, Dino Londis, Jamie Ouye, Ted Rall, Tim Downs

aNewDomain Media Exec Board -  Marc Klempf, Justin Webb, Tom Ewing, Cyndy Sandor, Tim Downs, aNewDomain LLC

aNewDomain LLC Board of Directors:  Chairman: Gina Smith. Exec Board members: Tom Ewing, John C. Dvorak, David Street, Dr. Jerry Pournelle, Joy Ma, Dino Londis, Tim Downs

aNewDomain executive and legal offices: Please contact Tom Ewing at [email protected]