Breaking Android Episode 15: Android News and Views

BreakingModern – Thanks for checking out episode 15 of Breaking Android. I’m your host, Mat Lee. This time on the show, I check out a couple of worthwhile Android Wear watches, a cool app to monitor your phone usage called QualityTime and Google bringing the Nexus Player streaming box to some brick and mortar stores. Check out our Android news show and the detailed show notes below.

Breaking Android Broken Down

  • Daniel Howley of Yahoo Tech reviews two solid Android wear watches, Sony’s Smartwatch 3 and LG’s G Watch R. The LG is more stylish, but both are not quite there. It’s progressing, though.
  • How much time do you spend on your smartphone or tablet? The Android Community wrote about the subject and a tracker app called QualityTime. Be warned, you might spend way too much time on your device.
  • The Google Nexus Player streaming box is coming to brick and mortar retailers, as reported by GigaOm. Walmart has some in select places, and you might find one on Newegg, too. If you need a Google based TV streamer, check it out.

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