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BreakingModern — I’ve shared some great HDR photography before here on Eyewitness Photo. Here’s another HDR gem from Amsterdam by way of Nour El Houssiny and his HTC M8. HDR photography is a lot easier to capture on a smartphone, as multiple versions of the shot are captured in one take, then blended together to form a final shot. The blending of the multiple images, which have different exposure values, is what produces the final image of HDR. Check the stunning results below.

Nour El Houssiny eyewitness photo amsterdam

This shot is composed beautifully. The Amsterdam river provides a very nice reflection and the colors are vibrant, largely from the different exposures of HDR processing. My eyes pause on the pink item in the middle of the shot is. It looks like a covered boat. The rest of the photo well-framed — nothing detracts the eye, and it is very classic. You just look at it and wonder about the covered boat while marveling at the beauty of Amsterdam and the houses. Well done, Houssiny!

I really enjoy the shots shared here on Eyewitness Photo. If you have an HTC mobile device, feel free to send your favorite shot. Just email it to I’d love to see what you’re shooting. Be sure to mention the HTC mobile device used as well as any editing steps taken. We just may feature it here on BreakingModern.

Do you have an HTC smartphone? Like to take cool photos? You should share them here on BreakingModern. Just email a link of the photo to me via, or tag me on Twitter or Google+. You never know, we just may feature your pic as a #EyewitnessPhoto. Be sure to include the HTC camera used and any editing steps you took. Thanks for reading and be sure to subscribe to my Smartphone Photographers YouTube playlist if you like these photos.

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Featured Image: Nour El Houssiny

Header Image: By Dohduhdah (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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