Eyewitness Photo: Creating a Great Promotional Image

BreakingModern – Ever looked through your favorite magazine or newspaper and noticed how cool some of the ads were? Ever considered how the shots were captured by the photographers? Well, it’s all in the approach. The angle, the lighting and of course the camera.

On today’s Eyewitness Photo, I wanted to give kudos to Tim McCusker on this beautiful shot, captured with his HTC One M7. A quick disclaimer, Mr. McCusker is an esteemed member of my Smartphone Photographers Community. As you can see he’s very talented.

Tim McCusker Chevrolet Photo

When I saw this shot, I immediately thought this could work as an ad. The folks at Chevrolet could turn this photo into an ad promoting its throwback fleet. A classic car club could use it to highlight an upcoming event for 1960’s Chevy Impalas. It’s a versatile photo and its applications broad and creative. The tight crop, angle and natural lighting all work together well. And there’s just enough to let you know what it is, but still make you curious about the rest of the vehicle. Nice shot, Tim!

If you’re out snapping photos with your HTC smartphone, be sure to share them with me. Just shoot an email to me at [email protected] or tag me on my Twitter feed. You may get featured in our Eyewitness Photo column. Be sure to mention your HTC smartphone model and any camera apps or mobile photo editing apps used.

Eyewitness photo logoFor BMod, I’m

Featured/Header Image: Tim McCusker 

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Ant Pruitt

Author: Ant Pruitt

Based in Charlotte, NC, Ant Pruitt covers photography and smartphone cameras for BreakingModern. Follow him @ant_pruitt on Twitter.

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