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BreakingModern — Do you remember when you were a kid, running around pretending you were Luke Skywalker or Cinderella or another cinematic hero? You never even noticed how much you moved, how sweaty you became, or how hard you breathed. You were wrapped up in your own little world.

All too soon, though, treadmill runs, calorie counting and gym memberships replaced that imaginative exuberance. But what if you could capture that inventive fun, even in your adulthood?


Here’s a question — why not pretend to be your favorite movie characters while working out? Don’t worry, no one needs to know. Just find an activity that the character might do, and simulate that activity through classes or activities. Simple! Everyone will think you’re just participating in a fun activity, but really you’ll be off on a grand romantic adventure in your own mind. And you’ll get fit to boot!

We took the 10 highest grossing movies of all time and matched them with workouts that put you right into the action … with the help of a little imagination, of course. See if your favorite made the list, or use the idea to find an athletic match for your own favorite movie, TV show or book.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs — Cross Country Running

Remember when Snow White ran through the woods to escape the Evil Queen’s wrath? You can do the same during a cross-country race, and you’ll run a heck of a lot faster if you can conjure up the fear Snow White felt as she ran for her life. You’ll be a running champ in no time.

The Exorcist — Contortionist Training

Perfect your own backward crab walk by pushing your muscles to the extremes of flexibility. Sure, it’ll take some time and effort to train yourself, but just think of how much fun you’ll be at Halloween parties.

Doctor Zhivago — Snowshoeing

Nothing makes you feel like you’re tromping through untamed Russian snow fields like actual snow fields. Your thighs will burn as you imagine yourself as the good Doctor, escaping the Communist army and pining for your forbidden love. How sad and romantic … and sweaty.

Jaws — Sailing

Pretend you’re searching for Bruce the Shark as you learn to pilot your own sailing vessel. Just be wary — people might get sick of your “We’re going to need a bigger boat” jokes.

The Ten Commandments — Stone Put

Pretend you’re hurling the Ten Commandments at a false idol as you participate in this age-old Highland game. Righteous rage never fails to enhance your throwing power. This sport is also an excellent choice if you want to pretend you’re Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

Titanic — Irish Folk Dancing

Re-enact happier times on the Titanic by dancing an Irish jig with a handsome (or beautiful) partner. Bonus points if he or she looks like Leonardo DiCaprio.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial — Biking

Just affix a basket to your bike, wrap a teddy bear in a blanket and pedal away. You’ll look the spitting image of Elliot riding to save his alien friend. Be careful if you try any gravity-defying jumps, though — your makeshift E.T. might not have the necessary telekinesis to keep you afloat.

The Sound of Music — Hiking

This one’s a no-brainer. Where better to sing “The Hills Are Alive” than in the actual hills? Bonus points if you bring children — and a guitar.


Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope — Fencing, Kendo and Yoga

Light saber battles are a hodgepodge of different sword fighting techniques, so take your pick. Take up fencing for a swashbuckling fight, or try kendo if you prefer the discipline of martial arts. And if you really want to train like a Jedi, do some yoga too. The necessary focus and flow are as beneficial to a human as they are to a Jedi.

Gone with the Wind — Mud Runs and Square Dancing

Scarlett O’Hara was tough, so the workout for this beloved historical romance movie is also the hardest. Imagine you’re fleeing Yankee troops and making your way back to the Tara as you crawl through mud. Imagine the burning Civil War south as you jump through rings of fire.

Or, if you don’t like getting dirty, go square dancing. Pretend your partner is Rhett Butler and everyone in the room is scandalized by your dance with him. Of course, feel free to both dance and mud run, if you like (though maybe not at the same time). You can be a tough mudder and the belle of the ball all at once — just like Scarlett.

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