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BreakingModern — Even though gas prices in the U.S. have steadily fallen in 2015, there is still an ingrained desire to save money by finding the cheapest gas possible. GasBuddy, a free mobile-friendly app available for Android, iOS, Windows and even Blackberry, takes that desire for cheap gas and makes a game out of it. A game you can play with millions of strangers for both fun and profit.


Hey Buddy

For users of Gas Buddy, the key to successfully finding the cheapest gas is participation. The more active users there are, the more prices go into the database and the more prices in the database, the more likely users will find an outlet selling cheap gas.


To encourage an increased level of participation, the folks at GasBuddy credit users with points every time they upload a price to the system. Accumulate enough points and users can enter into a daily drawing for $100 in gas. Or you can earn extra points by participating in side games that require you to upload proof of a completed “on-the-road” task.

The GasBuddy app is very easy to use. You start out by signing in to the system. If you are going to participate in the daily drawings, you’ll have be a registered user.


The main screen gives you options to find cheap gas near your location based on GPS coordinates, enter prices you discovered, or search for prices near a specified location. Note the advertising — GasBuddy is supported by advertising.

In this example, most of the prices listed by the GasBuddy system are located near Interstate 71, the highway just north of my home. That makes sense, users will be reporting the prices they find as they travel the main highways.


But dive deeper and look at the map of recently reported gas prices and you will see a much more general and metropolitan-wide representation. That’s pretty good coverage for the eastern side of Metro Louisville.

You can keep track of the daily drawing straight from the app as well.


As I mentioned, you can also participate in mini-games like taking photos of gas stations you stop at on your trip. These mini-games can really boost your available points.


Saving Money

GasBuddy is an easy to understand and easy to use mobile app that can save you money on your next road trip. By offering incentives for users to participate in the discovery of gas prices, the app essentially makes a game out of finding the cheapest gas. That extra bit of amusement and diversion may be just what your next long road trip needs.

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