First and Gold Superbowl 50 [infographic]

Once Superbowl is over, football pundits are quick to weigh in post-season on athlete contract negotiations for the league’s most anticipated free agents and also reflect on contract worth for the previous season’s top earners. Year after year, contract records are broken and we have to wait for the next season to see if the player is actually worth their dollar amount.

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, the infographic by Icertis takes a look at the league’s biggest contracts, highest earners and contract negotiations certain teams would like you to forget.

Just a quick look reveals 2015 quarterback earnings from salary and endorsements combined were, get this:


Tom Brady, $15 Million
Peyton Manning, $27 Million


Carson Palmer, $29 Million
Cam Newton, $24 Million

Other stats include:

  • Highest Paid NFL Players
  • Top 5 Worst NFL Contracts Ever
  • Endorsement Deals
  • Post-Season Bonus Structure

Check out the Icertis-Football-Infographic for a look at the amazing business of football.

Icertis-Football-Infographic-page-001 (1)



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