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BreakingModern — It’s that time of year again. Snow, carols and delicious cookies riddle the month of December, signaling that it’s time to kick back and relax in front of the roaring fire with family and friends. However, there’s nothing against bringing your laptop along for the ride and showing those closest to you these funny and interesting holiday videos!

Twelve Days of Rooster Teeth - RT Shorts 4K

Let’s start the season off with a carol we all know and love: “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” However, this little jingle has been changed by Rooster Teeth into something a little bit … weirder. Be prepared for immature jokes, questionable present wrapping and lots of shameless advertising. ‘Tis the season to not be eaten by zombies! (Just watch, you’ll understand.)

Home Alone Games - JonTron

Now for all you video game enthusiasts out there, here’s a holiday-themed review of the Home Alone Games by Jontron. If you think even for a second that these games must be good because of the movies, you are horribly mistaken. Join Jontron as he flips out — again — in order to save his trusty sidekick Jacques from death. Hey, don’t look at me like that. I never said video game reviews were a walk in the park.

Scary Snowman Terrorizes Providence

Here’s an oldie but goldie dragged from the depths of the Internet (a.k.a. my search history). If you don’t know what the Scary Snowman Prank series is, man are you missing out! It’s literally just a guy in a foam snowman suit scaring the pants off of any and all unsuspecting passersby. If you want to see the full series and spend a very worthwhile three hours of your life laughing at those poor people, click on the channel link and start from Season One. You won’t regret it!

How to Make a Pop-up Christmas Card [Narrated Step by Step]

You there! Yes, you staring at the computer screen! Have you ever wanted to make a very special Christmas card for that very special someone? Well now you can! Here, comic artist Mark Crilley shows you the step-by-step process of creating your own custom pop-up card, design included. Now you too can show off your artistic prowess to your friends. If you’re interested in other step-by-step guides, check out Mark’s channel for everything from eyes to dogs.

Best of Star Wars Music Christmas Lights Show 2014

Whenever I look at my neighbor’s Christmas lights I’m glad that someone is enjoying the holidays to the fullest. But I don’t think the same can be said for the neighbors of this house. Set to the soundtrack of Star Wars, this supernova is the nightmare most neighbors dream of at night. This show can probably be seen from space. (But the reality is the creator’s neighbors are very supportive.)

Train — Shake up Christmas

Finally, let’s end this list with one of my personal favorite holiday songs: “Shake up Christmas” by Train. If you haven’t heard it, give it a listen, and I’m sure you’ll be rocking to it for the rest of the month.

So that’s all folks! Thanks for spending the time to find your holiday spirit in the depths of Youtube, and no matter where you are, whether out with friends or here on the web, happy holidays and I’ll see you next time!

For BMod, I’m Alex Kwong.

Featured/Header image: Holiday Decor at CBG!” by peddhapati via Flickr Creative Commons

Alex Kwong

Author: Alex Kwong

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Alex Kwong covers the video trends on YouTube for BreakingModern. Find his work, ShardsOfAlex, at DeviantART.

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