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BreakingModern — I’ve been scouring the depths of the Web to free you from your browsing rut. I found entertaining and vital sites that are just awesome. So stop refreshing your Facebook homepage every minute in hopes that something new and exciting will pop up. Just head to and rejoice.

Ever want to watch a movie or binge on a new show, but you’re not sure where to find it? searches all major streaming platforms to find out where the title you’re looking for is available now. The site’s interface is friendly and easily navigable, so you’ll feel comfortable jumping right in. Now there’s no need to waste time firing up all of your devices just to find out where you can watch Friends. That’s on Netflix, btw.

Of course, the site wouldn’t be nearly as cool if it didn’t contain its own hidden pop culture gems — all available for instant streaming. Here are the top three titles I found through Enjoy!

favorite website

3. Broad City (Hulu Plus/Amazon Instant Video)

favorite website broad cityCreated and starred in by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glanzer, Broad City follows two young women just trying to make it in New York City. This premise sounds familiar, which is intentional. The show subverts the tropes and expectations viewers have from “friends hanging out” shows like How I Met Your Mother with a bizarre, 30 Rock-esque sensibility.

I could write about how important Broad City is for being one of the first shows made by and for its age group, or about how its gender and racially diverse cast and creative staff are almost unprecedented, even for a cable comedy. I could write about all of that, and it’d be true, but it would ignore the most important aspect of Broad City: It’s really, really funny.

Now I’ll let the show speak for itself.

Video: Broad City – A Visit to the Accountant

Stream it here.

2. The Double (Netflix)

favorite website the doubleThe Double was one of my absolute favorite films of 2014. It should be noted, however, that it’s not for everyone. Adapted from a Fyodor Dostoyevsky novella, this dark British comedy focuses on depressed office worker Simon James (Jesse Eisenberg). Simon’s miserable life is rocked by the arrival of his doppelganger, James Simon (also Jesse Eisenberg).  James usurps Simon at work and in love by romancing Hannah (Mia Wasikowska), Simon’s long-gestating crush. Simon’s rivalry with James pushes him further into madness.

If you’re still interested after that description, you’ll probably love it. The Double is visually fascinating — at times the movie feels like a dark Wes Anderson feature. Additionally, the screenplay and all of the performances bolster what could’ve been an overly cynical art house mess into an incredibly entertaining, if sometimes depressing, 93 minutes.

1. Party Down (Hulu Plus) 

Haven’t heard of Party Down? Don’t feel bad. Few have. This workplace comedy only lasted for two short seasons in 2009 and 2010. It didn’t help that it aired on Starz, a premium channel I’m not sure anyone has ever actually subscribed to. Focusing on caterers trying to break in (or out) of show-business, Party Down features a lot of familiar faces, like Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott or Masters of Sex’s Lizzy Caplan.

favorite website party down

Densely plotted and fast paced, Party Down gives viewers a lot to chew on with only twenty episodes. Character interactions and developments are as rich as anything you’ll find on The Office, and the show’s sharp wit hasn’t been matched by any new program since Dunder Mifflin shut its doors in 2013. The few of us who watched Party Down are holding out hope for a movie or a third season, but at least we have these 20 infinitely re-watchable episodes in case that never happens.

Stream it here.

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