Holiday Baking Roundup

BreakingModern — The holiday season is here, and I couldn’t be happier. Although December for me means final exams and hectic days working retail, this is undoubtedly the most-wonderful time of the year. From the festive decorations, to the crackling of the fireplace and the Christmas-themed movie marathons on TV, I love everything about the season.

One of my favorite aspects of Christmas, of course, is the baking. I’ve curated this Holiday Baking Roundup, which features baked desserts that offer novel takes on traditional Christmas flavors. Hopefully these will inspire you to fill your home with the warm, sweet smell of holiday cheer!

Eggnog Cookies

Many of us enjoy drinking eggnog during the holiday season. The spiced, creamy drink is so reminiscent of Christmas that it shouldn’t be limited to just a drink. Instead, why not try making eggnog cookies? These cookies spice up holiday baking. The idea is taking a traditional cookie and mashing it with a Christmas favorite. Try it out — these eggnog cookies are sure to be the toast of your next festive soiree.

Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread cookies are one of the most-quintessential kinds of Christmas baked goods. Gingerbread people with cheeky iced smiles and adorable bow ties are a classic in my family — we make them every year. As much as I love them (and will definitely make them this year), I think I’ll try a different take as well. These gingerbread cookies are a sophisticated version of the classic. With large ginger chunks embedded in them, these cookies have a soft heat. Perfect with a cold glass of milk!

Candy Cane Pinwheels

Cookies and chocolate and candy? Oh my! These cookies combine three of the most-cheerful elements in baking. I am a huge fan of the combination of mint and chocolate — the flavors complement each other deliciously. The bits of candy cane baked into the cookie add a textural element with a nice crunch that plays off the soft, chewy cookie. Talk about a triple threat.

Rum Balls

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. These chocolate rum balls, accented by chopped walnuts, are covered in confectioners’ sugar. It just has a festive feel — and they look just like tiny snowballs! For added effect, try rolling them in coconut flakes in addition to the confectioners’ sugar.

Chestnut Cookies

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” is immediately recognizable as a Christmas song. Why not make chestnut cookies just as popular? While these are not exactly cookies as much as they are pastries, they will fit right in to your holiday spread. These desserts are chocolate, chestnut and spices ensconced in a pastry crust … basically they’re bite-sized bundles of joy.

To leave off with something extra cool, check out this video of Duff Goldman putting his unique spin on the traditional yule log.

Video: Chocolate Yule Log Tree Stump: Duff’s Sweet Spot

Happy holidays, everyone!

For BMod, I’m Justine Crawford.

First image credit: Eggnog Cookies courtesy of Cooking Classy

Featured/Second image credit: Gingerbread Cookies courtesy of Alton Brown

Third image credit: Candy Cane Pinwheel Cookies courtesy of Food Network

Fourth image credit: Rum Balls courtesy of Allrecipes and FARMLIFE

Fifth image credit: Chestnut Cookies courtesy of Food Network

Header image: Our (Almost Traditional) Thanksgiving Dinner” by Zeetz Jones via Flickr Creative Commons

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