Seven Amazing Last Minute Gift Ideas

BreakingModern — If you’re still trying to decide on some last minute gift ideas for people on your list, it’s not too late to create something special. See below for a selection of inexpensive and fun gifts you can make in a flash.


Photo Bookmarks

If you need a last minute gift for the avid reader on your list, consider a photo bookmark. Make a quick trip to a copy shop to laminate the photo and then stop at your favorite craft store to score all the items you’ll need for this personalized treasure. The article about this project suggests you take pictures of your kids, but if you don’t have any tiny people around to use as photo fodder, you can use your imagination. Maybe a photo of your cat in a costume? The sky’s the limit.

date kit

Movie Date Kit

If you still need a gift for your couple friends, this movie date kit can be the perfect last minute idea. Choose some microwaveable popcorn, a DVD copy of a good date movie, a couple boxes of movie candy and then tie everything up with a bow. If either of the couple have an Amazon wish list, the movie choice can be even easier. Simply look up their list and pick something they already want.

galaxy slime

Galaxy Slime

Honestly, the name alone was enough to make me curious. Who wouldn’t want a bowl of slime? You’ll only need a few items, including clear glue, liquid watercolors and glitter. The trickiest ingredient to find is the Sta-Flo liquid starch but this article gives you tips on where you can find it. Really, I can think of more than a few adults who might be psyched if I made this for them for Christmas.


Emergency Chocolate

For the chocolate lover on your list you can make an emergency chocolate case. The article calls for a glass etching kit, which looks very cool, but if you’re looking to make it a bit simpler, you could also opt for any variety of letter stickers from your favorite craft store. A shadow box frame, the chocolate of your choice and you’re done.


Sharpie Mug

If you have a coffee drinker on your list, you could create a handmade Sharpie mug. Simply purchase a clear or white coffee mug and a set of Sharpie paint markers and that’s all you’ll need. This article gives tips on how you can create your design and where you can purchase the right markers for the project.


Dino Phone Tripod

I truly believe this Dino Phone Tripod could be the perfect gift for almost anyone on your list, from your teenage cousin to your next-door neighbor to your favorite co-worker. Even the process of creating the item looks fun. Use a utility knife to cut a dino figurine in half, fill the back half of the dino with caulk, set the suction cup into the caulk and let it dry. You’ll need a few days to let the caulk fully dry, but the end result is unique and quite amazing. This is definitely going on my wish list for next year.


Zombie Survival Kit

I think this was my favorite of all the last minute gift ideas on Pinterest. This could be a fantastic gift for any zombie-lover in your life. The pictured zombie survival kit includes The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, Twinkies, beef jerky, energy drinks, granola bars, zombie repellent and hot sauce. For zombie repellent take a container of insect repellent and make a new sticker label. The beauty of this gift is you can change up the items based on the tastes of the recipient and also on what you’re able to find during your shopping adventure.

For these Pins and many more last minute gift ideas, including bath bombs, photo coasters, and map magnets, visit my Pinterest board.

For BMod, I’m Becket Morgan.

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