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BreakingModern — Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like pizza. In America, deliverable pizza is practically a food staple, like potatoes or rice. And while ordering a delivery pizza is not really a difficult transaction to navigate using standard procedures, pizza companies like Domino’s go to great lengths to make it as simple as possible.

domino's pizza app screen

This is where the Domino’s Pizza USA app comes in. The app is available for Android on Google Play for devices using a version of the operating system 2.3.3 and up.

Pizza Profile

I don’t eat pizza as often as I did when I was younger, so when I do, it’s usually a special event. Domino’s Pizza is my go to pizza delivery choice because its pizzas have greatly improved in the past few years and the company’s ordering technology is so well done. Whether it’s the Domino’s website or the app, the experience is top notch and something the techie in me really appreciates.

domino's pizza app selection

Once your profile is established, ordering a pizza is almost too easy. The app knows you, knows your typical delivery addresses and knows your preferred pizza choices. The app will offer you a standard set of coupons, which can save you a few bucks or you can dive right in and order your “usual” pizza.

For this example, I ordered my standard five-topping pizza. The delivery was to my home address, which the app already knew from the profile I entered many pizza orders ago.

domino's pizza app personal info


However, this is where some concerns about the process creep in for me.

If I wanted to, I could ask the Domino’s app or website to store my credit card information so that the next time I ordered a pizza all I would have to do is click one button on the payment screen. I choose not to do that, so I have to enter the number, expiration date and the security code from the back of my Visa card every time I order.

I know this creates a little more work, but after all of the security breaches we have seen in the news lately, I think keeping my credit card information out of my Domino’s profile is well worth the few extra steps. If Target, Home Depot and Staples cannot keep your personal information safe, do you really think Domino’s Pizza is going to do that much better? That’s not a knock on Domino’s, that’s just reality.

domino's pizza app review security


One of the features you may have seen advertised about the Domino’s Pizza app is Dom, the voice recognition and command system. While the voice recognition technology is very good, I remain very dubious about the practicality of ordering a pizza by talking to your device. Tapping buttons on the screen is still much faster than slowly enunciating words like “pepperoni” or “asiago.”

The one exception may be when you are placing an order from your car. Taking your eyes off the road to click “extra pepperoni” is a very bad thing. The Domino’s Pizza app integrates with Ford Sync according to the specifications, but no other system is mentioned. So, unless you have a Ford, voice ordering in the car may not even be an option.

Pizza’s Here

Ordering a pizza delivery has never been brain surgery, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be as simple as possible. Getting a fresh, hot pizza delivered to your front door, without ever leaving your couch, just by clicking a few buttons on your Android device, is almost too easy with the Domino’s Pizza app.

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