Fall Live Wallpaper: App Review

BreakingModern — I don’t know what the current weather situation is in your neck of the woods, but around here there’s a definite nip in the air. Autumn, with all its vivid color, is upon us. Don’t you think it’s time your smartphone reflected the change of seasons?

fall live wallpaper

I researched a half-dozen autumn-themed free live wallpaper apps on Google Play and found Fall Live Wallpaper from AppBasic to be the best one.

Fall Season

As I’ve explained many times before, “free” apps for your Android smartphone are not really free because they’re supported by advertisements. But, out of all the wallpaper apps I looked at, Fall Live Wallpaper was the least annoying in this regard. As it turns out, advertisements only display when you change the app’s settings. The rest of the time it operates ad free.

fall live wallpaper

The nine image choices available from the Fall Live Wallpaper app are high-definition photographs of typical autumn scenes. Colorful trees, falling leaves, windswept paths – it’s all here for you to enjoy. You can practically feel the bite of a cool fall breeze in these images.

The live part of the app is viewable once you’ve chosen your background image. When it’s on, leaves of various types, colors and sizes will gently fall through your smartphone’s main display screen. It’s very relaxing and strangely mesmerizing.

fall live wallpaper

Bottom Line

The Fall Live Wallpaper app for Android is a good example of how a free app should behave. Sure we expect advertisements in our “free” apps, but that doesn’t mean we expect to see those ads often. Having the advertisements display only when you are changing the app’s settings is an excellent compromise. Once the app is configured as you want it, you never have to see another ad.

Live wallpaper is an inexpensive and fun way to personalize your smartphone and the Fall Live Wallpaper app is one of the better apps in this category, especially if you like sweater weather.

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All Screenshots: Mark Kaelin

Mark Kaelin

Author: Mark Kaelin

Based in Louisville, KY., Mark W. Kaelin is a tech and gadget writer who also covers fine living for us here at BreakingModern.

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