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BreakingModern — When photographing, you can align your subject or scenery in your viewfinder to make your shot look just right. The question is: Why are you lining up anything at all? Is your goal to present a perfectly square image? Are you looking to show negative space? Personally, I appreciate wide angle shots or squared images that have symmetry. Symmetry, an aspect of photography, fine art and even nature, pleases the eye. In today’s Eyewitness Photo, Lluis Gibert pulls off a beautifully symmetrical photograph with his HTC One M7.

Lluis Gibert Agra Fort Eyewitness Photo

Gibert took this shot of the Taj Mahal at Agra, capturing the awesome grandeur of the architecture as well as the symmetry of the property. The minarets flanking the Taj Mahal are perfectly aligned. The shrubbery gives perspective and is pleasing to the eye. Gibert had to be standing dead center to capture this photo. As an added bonus, we get a clear reflection of the Taj in the pool, which adds yet another layer to the symmetry. I love this shot, Lluis! Thanks for sharing it with me.

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Featured/Header image: Lluis Gibert

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