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BreakingModern — As the editor of the Eyewitness Photo column, I get to see some of the most-outstanding smartphone photographs. Needless to say publishing them in here is a real pleasure. The enthusiasm and creativity of HTC smartphone owners is captured in all these gorgeous images I get to review. Today’s shot from HTC Elevate member Julie Caouette really grabbed my attention, especially the sheer explosion of color in the image.

julie-caouette color eyewitness photo

Ok, there are two main things I love in this photo. First, the colors (of course). Caouette said the only edit she made on this photo was a crop that cut out a lens flare on the metal of the escalator. If a “colorful” filter was not applied to this shot, that must mean the panes of glass in this building are really that color. Notice how the reflections behave along the right-hand wall of the picture as light comes through the panes. It must be stunning in real life, because it looks great in this shot.

Second, the irony of her photo includes another photographer in the upper third of the shot. Looks like her HTC One M8 captured a photographer using a point-and-shoot or DSLR camera. I was smiling as I wrote this piece. Thanks for sharing it, Julie!

What about you? Have an HTC smartphone? Like to take cool photos? You should share them with me here on BreakingModern. Just email a link of the photo to me via [email protected], or tag me on Twitter or Google+. You never know, we just may feature your pic as an #EyewitnessPhoto. Thanks for reading and be sure to subscribe to my Smartphone Photographers YouTube playlist if you like these photos.

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Featured image: Julie Caouette

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Ant Pruitt

Author: Ant Pruitt

Based in Charlotte, NC, Ant Pruitt covers photography and smartphone cameras for BreakingModern. Follow him @ant_pruitt on Twitter.

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