Idiot-Proof Wedding Day Planners

BreakingModern — Not all of us are natural-born event planners. Unfortunately, even those of us entirely without organizational skills will probably helm at least one large function in our lifetime — a wedding.

Unless you’re planning to elope (in which case you can get out of here, you frugal bastards, and leave the rest of us to our misery) you’ll end up with a lot of wedding business on your plate, which can be intimidating if you have absolutely no idea how to manage it.

Never fear, quivering brides and grooms. In celebration of the Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex marriage, we give you four idiot-proof tools to help you plan your wedding.


Wedding Website: Tie the Knot App

Do you love the idea of a wedding website, but have no idea how to build one? Not to worry! Tie the Knot App lets you create your own simple yet attractive wedding website with just a few clicks. The app is easy to navigate and simple for guests to access. Even your great-aunt Dora can get the gist of it.

Your personalized website contains need-to-know wedding basics to keep your guests up-to-date. You can add a list of events, gift registries, accommodations, even wedding songs and the story of how you and your spouse-to-be got together in the first place. And if you happen to think of other important memos and notes for attendees, you can post them on your Wedding Blog.

Photography: Wedding Party

Sure, a professional photographer’s nice, but how are you going to capture your raucous party the way it really went down? No need to shell out for an all-night photographer or disposable cameras for your guests — have your attendees join you on Wedding Party to immediately upload everyone’s camera phone photos to one location on your special day.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can use it during your pre-wedding planning as well, or use the app instead of an expensive photo booth at your reception. You can also use the app to message everyone in your bridal party/family/guest list all at once. Think Facebook group chat but all about weddings. And don’t forget to make a wedding album when you’re done!


To Do List: Our Wedding Planner

Sometimes you just need to have everything that needs doing right in front of you. Our Wedding Planner lets you tick items off your to-do list, keep track of your budget, manage your guest list and organize your list of vendors along with their contact information (you know, just in case someone doesn’t show up on The Day.)

Not sure you can handle all that yourself? Add friends and family to your app to help you troubleshoot. Not sure how to distribute your budget? The app suggests how much of your budget each aspect should consume. Love graphs and lists? You’ll love this app.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas: Pinterest

Okay, no surprise here. Since its creation, Pinterest has been the go-to home for people dreaming of weddings, scrounging for hair and dress ideas. Most hairdressers and wedding planners now ask you to share your ideas with them via Pinterest, and your mother’s already set up a board with flower arrangements.

And let’s be honest: a website that puts all your ideas in one place, with easy-to-organize boards, links to the websites where you found each image, and ways to share your thoughts with friends and family can be pretty valuable when you need to figure out what you really want. And it’s free — better than buying expensive magazines, right?

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