Photo Grid Collage Maker: App Review

BreakingModern — Now that just about everyone in the developed world carries around a camera of some kind, there are literally millions of photos produced every single day. Heck, we even take pictures of the lunch we’re about to eat. That’s a lot of photos to flip through one at a time. Now there’s a better way to tell your story — you can create a collage.

Tell the Full Story

The Photo Grid Collage Maker is produced by Cheetah Mobile, Inc. , and it’s free to download for Android on Google Play. As always, free doesn’t mean “ad free.” The app features a smattering of advertisements and will periodically pitch you with offers for other cloud-based services. And, to get the most out of the app, you’ll have to log in with Facebook, Instagram or Google+. Keep in mind that this is also a social app, so the company will be collecting data on how you use it.

photo grid

The Photo Grid Collage Maker is easy to use — take some pictures, shoot some video, start a project and then arrange the photos or video into a collage that tells your story. Once created, you can share your collage with friends, family, and even the world, through social media.

The more difficult part of all of this activity revolves around your individual artistic ability. Creating a simple 2×2 grid of some recent photos is not very creative. But that’s why the app provides users with dozens of themed collage templates. Many of these templates are free, but if you want you can acquire more sophisticated templates by agreeing to watch a video advertisement first. The one I tried was actually a movie trailer — it’s a novel approach to advertisements to say the least.

photo grid

Besides the normal social media outlets like Facebook, the Photo Grid Collage Maker also has a social component of its own. You can follow other Photo Grid users to see what sort of photos and videos they are creating. There is also a section showing the currently most popular videos or images. If you’re not careful, you could lose yourself in this social activity — it’s a real time sink.

Collage It

The Photo Grid Collage Maker is a very popular app with over four million users and counting and I can understand why. It’s slick and well-constructed and works better than expected. From the way the controls and navigation are laid out on the screen, you can tell the app was designed from the very beginning to be used on a smartphone.

By adding features beyond the mere sharing of photos, the Photo Grid Collage Maker makes the process of sharing a visual interpretation of an event from your smartphone fun and creative. With the additional social media aspects of the app, you can share your creative work with friends, family and other creative people who share your Photo Grid interests. I can see how spending time with this app could become very addictive.

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Mark Kaelin

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