Ethics Policy

Our journalists adhere to stringent editorial ethics requirements and guidelines as set forth by the Society of Professional Journalists.

We aim for the highest levels of honesty, fairness and courage while reporting and gathering news, providing reviews and interpreting news as analysis or commentary.

We disclose all conflicts of interest, including place of employment if that company is the subject or beneficiary of an article, and other relevant associations.

If an editor owns stock in or is paid in any way by a company that is the subject of coverage, that information will be disclosed.

Our goal is 100 percent transparency.

We diligently fact check our articles. We make corrections as quickly as we’re able. We note rumors as such. And we are careful to corroborate not-for-attribution and anonymous source information.

With sourced and unsourced stories, we actively strive to make sure those sources don’t have a hidden agenda to manipulate our > coverage and its readership.

Our opinion (blog) commentary is clearly labeled as “commentary.” Opinions of individual staffers labeled as commentary and the personal opinions of staffers in general do not reflect the opinions of the team of journalists who work for aNewDomain Media, BreakingModern or HTC Corporation.

Objectivity is our watchword. We make every effort to shield our journalists from knowledge of advertising or sales efforts so that those efforts don’t influence our coverage, knowingly or unknowingly.

We regularly review these guidelines. If you have any questions about our ethics policy or find incidents where you feel we have fallen below the mark, email our editorial leadership at [email protected] or BreakingModern Editor-in-Chief Gina Smith at [email protected]. Check out our takedown policy here.