Kym Fitz’ BMod Minute: Toyota i-Road, Shia’s Rattail

BreakingModern — Hey, it’s Kym Fitz with the BMod Minute. Today in my quick news roundup, I’ll tell you about one of Hollywood’s hottest stars and the 10K offer he got to cut his hair. Also: a chill new health trend and what’s new with the Toyota i-Road vehicle. What a cute little vehicle.

Check out the video below and scroll below the fold for more.

The BMod Minute: Kym Fitz/Jimmy Gyselinck exclusively for BreakingModern

Toyota i-Road

Is it a car, a motorcycle or maybe a bobsled? It’s the futuristic Toyota i-Road, and it’s turning heads. Makes the Mini Cooper and Prius look like Hummers. This litle guy is powered by two electric motors. The adorable i-Road tops out at 37 miles per hour and goes 30 miles on one charge.

But if you want one you’re going to have to wait. Toyota is not saying when the i-Road will go on sale or what the price tag will be.

How to Take a Cryo-Sauna

And this is trending now in health: Cryotherapy. It’s for the treatment of chronic inflammatory pain and requires patients to spend time in a cryo-sauna. You think it’s been a cold winter? Dip into the cryo-sauna at minus 264 degrees! Well, sure, I guess that would make any pain go away. Interested? A single session will cost you about 90 bucks.

Would You Pay Shia LaBeouf 10K To Cut Off His Rattail?

One company says it would. Shia LaBeouf is sporting a rattail for his role in an upcoming movie, but pest control giant Terminix isn’t a fan. It’s wants to put a stop to any potential rattail craze Shia’s look might kick off. So the firm has offered to donate $10,000 to LaBeouf’s charity of choice if he just removes his rattail.

No word from Shia’s camp yet on the offer. But I wonder if Terminix has any strong opinions on my hair …

That’s your BMod Minute. For BMod, I’m Kym Fitz.

Kym Fitz

Author: Kym Fitz

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  1. Cool BMOD minute. Good job Justin and Kym. Ya hooked me and booked me. (Don’t know what that means.)

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