Australia’s Bondi Beach, White Sands and Ocean Pools

BreakingModernBondi Bath Australia WalkwayThe best way to enjoy part of Sydney’s gorgeous coastline is to walk along it. One such trail begins at Bondi Beach, which is well-known for its white sands and clear water. Though it’s known to be a tourist trap for many, if you’re looking for a nice easy walk for a lazy day (and you’re near Sydney), this is definitely for you.

Difficulty: Easy
Time: Two to three hours, pending walking speed
Distance: Eight kilometers one way
Conditions: Exposed

Pristine Waters

Most begin this trip at the southern tip of Bondi Beach near the Baths and Bondi Icebergs, a concept in which a swimming pool borders the ocean and allows swimmers to enjoy natural sea-water without the elements and undercurrents of Mother Nature. The “baths” are something I’m in awe of, along with the deliciousness of Tim Tams, of which I’ve eaten far, far, far too many. What I love about the concept of the baths is how it promotes recreational activity, but co-exists with the environment and basically hits two important issues with one stone.

The ocean-side views are stunning — pristine waters, a well-maintained walkway, walk-on-cloud beaches — and makes for an excellent travel destination for a day trip. The easy trail winds its way from Bondi past Mackenies Bay and toward Bronte.

Bondi Beach Baths and Pool

During portions of the year, there are usually art displays that line the pathway made by local artists. From Bondi to Bronte there were multiple free weight exercise stations dispersed at various intervals to inspire and encourage a healthy lifestyle — something I wish there was more of in North America. As someone who enjoys physical activities (I’m from a city where finding an outdoor trail requires some effort), seeing the exercise stations along the trail was an enlightening experience.

Australia can get pretty hot during the summer months, and the ocean breeze is a welcome addition to the mild ups and downs of the climb — though there are a few steep exertions along the way.

The walk I followed took me from Bondi to Bronte to Clovelly to Coogee, where you can take a bus to return back to Bondi (Route 353 to Bondi, or Route 372 or 374 directly to the city) or walk back. There are many early runners and walkers during the morning and evening periods, and the trail itself can see heavy traffic during the weekends, but it’s definitely a trail one should take during their stay. For every beach and stop along the coast there’s some sort of food, or little shops, and all have water stations for refilling your water bottle.

Bondi Beach Australia Cliff Hike

If you have more time, the trail continues past Coogee all the way to La Perouse. This is an additional two to four hours of walking that will take you past Trenery Reserve, Lurline Bay, Mistral Point, Maroubra, Long Bay, Little Bay and finally Congwong Bay in La Perouse.

However long you choose to stay on the trail, you won’t go wrong. Again, as with all things tourist related, weekends are best to be avoided if you care to take in the lovely scenery without the chatter of people.

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