CES 2015 Unveiled

BreakingModern — CES Unveiled is always the first press show of CES and gives us a solid preview of what we will see this year. Check out some of the exciting technologies of CES 2015 below.


No surprise that the first thing we saw was a wearable piece of technology that tracks your health – a huge trend this year. The Polar activity trainer not only tracks activity but also gives recommendations to help you meet your goals.

polar CES 2015

Would you like to be able to track your baby’s temperature when she’s sick? The Temp Traq, unveiled at CES 2015, is a band-aid that will do exactly that while alerting you to changes real time. Awaiting FDA approval – Temp Traq is slated for 1st quarter 2015.

temptraq CES 2015

Withings joins the connected-health revolution with its Activité Pop watch that’s very stylish and has an eight-month battery life.

Withings CES 2015

Many of the health-related products will also track your sleep patterns. SleepPhones is a soft headband that does just that.

sleepphones CES 2015


There’s going to be plenty of headphone and audio equipment at CES 2015. Marshall’s Major Headphones, a British tradition in audio, wants to make a splash on this side of the pond. Version two was unveiled here.

marshall CES 2015

Griffin has tons of new products, including the Griffin 20, a 20 watt per channel digital audio amplifier.

griffin 20 CES 2015

Connected Home

Many new products are available for the connected home. The Ecovent lets you use your cell phone to control the heating vents in your home. It’s a pricey deal, though – about $2,000 for a four-bedroom home.

ecovent CES 2015

Belkin continues to add to the proprietary whole-house connected home with its WeMo products.

wemo CES 2015

Meanwhile Kwickset wants to keep you safe — it will let you control your door locks from your phone while you’re away.

kwickset CES 2015

Smartphone Protectors

Smartphones aren’t going anywhere, but they need better protecting. Patchworks and others are hoping that plastic screen protectors are a thing of the past as they announce glass screen protectors.

patchworks CES 2015

All this tech was unearthed at the CES Unveiled. Lots of new products, all of which seem great. Can’t wait for more!

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  1. It’s so cute that someone actually thinks that glass screen protectors are something new :-)

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    • Sandy Berger

      It’s all about what’s popular at the moment. Since plastic overlays have been so popular in the last few years, it’s refreshing to see a real glass cover.

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      • I’m sorry, but that’s not refreshing. Glass screen protectors are nice, but it seems wrong to portrait them as new - even in Denmark where I live, they have been offered in stores for a year.

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