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BreakingModern — Believe it or not, the term foodie was coined in the 1980s but it only became mainstream thanks to the photography app, Instagram. Now everyone is not only posting selfies at the hot new restaurant in town, but also uploading sumptuous, quickie photographs of the food they’re eating — usually sharing with #foodporn. Many of these foodie selfies are pretty bad I admit, but not this one from Annette Holland. Check out the photo captured with her HTC One M7. Annette Holland M7 food selfie photo Wanna start your day off right? Grab a nice filling breakfast. Or in Holland’s case, it’s stuffed French toast garnished with fresh fruit and mint. What makes this a great-looking photo? First off, the detail captured by her M7 is amazing. The fresh strawberries. Notice how the glaze catches the light. This photo shows the fresh and mouth-watering fruit close up.

Next, pay attention to the angle of the food. Sure, Holland is showing off her dish, but the photo draws your eyes up and behind her plate. This isn’t an Ant Pruitt “I’m eating alone” breakfast. This is a breakfast with company. The colors are not oversaturated and they’re well-balanced. I’ve seen lots of great photos in the Smartphone Photographers Community, but I love this shot in particular, Annette. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Have you taken any snapshots of your meal with your HTC smartphone recently? That’s a rhetorical question. I know you have. If you think you’ve got a great food shot, shoot me an email linking to your photograph. Just drop a line to [email protected]. Your shot just may be considered for the daily Eyewitness Photo column here on BreakingModern. Thanks for reading and keep sharing your great smartphone photography!

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Featured image: Annette Holland

Header image: Annette Holland

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Ant Pruitt

Author: Ant Pruitt

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  1. Although Gael Greene coined the term “foodie” in her column, it was propugated by the likes of radio personalities of Joan Hamburg and Arthur Schwartz (two close friends of Ms. Greene). It was being used in the food and hospitality industry almost instantly.

    The mainstream popularity of the term came from the likes of Gennaro Pechia and the hoardes of food lovers throughout… FACEBOOK. Instagram is still far behind FB when it comes to food groups and pages.

    And finally, You consider this a good food photo? You need to expand your scope in this photography niche. Take a look at the food photography from Lou Manna, Frederico Ferrari and Annabelle Breakey. They shoot with traditional camera gear, as well as mobile phones.

    IMO, taking out a cell phone and snapping a picture doesn’t make you a photographer. It more or less makes you a cataloger or curator. Better cameras don’t make better photo results. Only good photography technique can do this.

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    • Ant Pruitt

      Thank you Michael Jennings for your comment, enlightenment and opinion.
      Yes I DO think this is a good food photo from an amateur.

      If you have a food photo taken with your HTC smartphone and feel is much better, please shoot me an email with it via [email protected].


      -RAP, II

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  2. Great Post! I agree Smartphone photos have taken food to new hights. Many resturants have started thier own Instagram pages to promote thier food…Apps like Yelp lets you upload right to thier site with comments. I have to admit I too post my food selections on my personal page and Yelp. I have visited resturants based on the pictures I see. Most of the time this has went very well.. Finding new places to eat in Charlotte and the surrounding area is fun. As the city grows there are great new finds. Without these pictures I wouldnt have qualified them as good or popular. There is no doubt that food pictures are not new as companies have been doing it on thier websites for a while BUT smartphone photos are an easy way we can share our opinion with our friends and the world. The combination of apps and smartphone photos is a WIN for the consumer and the resturant!

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    • Ant Pruitt

      I have found myself doing the same thing, Chandra Nixon! So funny how a nice photo at least opens the door for me to go into a restaurant. Thanks for reading and your comment!

      -RAP, II

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