Lazy Dog Days: Breakography Photography Challenge

BreakingModern — I don’t know about you, but all of these insanely cold temperatures sweeping across the U.S. have made me want to laze around. There are times I just want to grab my favorite blanket and enjoy a long day of doing nothing. I look over at my kids’ dog, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. All day, every day. Yes. I am jealous. lazy dog Being the shutterbug I am, watching the pooch laze around all day gave me an idea. It’s time for another #breakography photo challenge. We recently featured the top-voted photo in our last #breakography challenge, “Green is Good.”

Mike Sweeney showed us his prowess with his iPhone photography. This time, we want to see your best photos that depict not only your photography skills, but your dog! That’s right — it’s “Lazy Dog Days” photos this time around. All photos can be shot with any mobile device or camera. So if you have your hands on the HTC One, use it. If you have the mighty Canon 5D, use it! Be sure to share the photos with the BreakingModern team via Instagram. Just use the hashtag #breakography.

We will run this challenge until March 6th. The BreakingModern staff and I will vote on our favorite Lazy Dog Day photo and feature not only the photo, but the dog and photographer, on the site. Speaking of Instagram, have you followed BreakingModern? If you haven’t, do it. Do it now! Get your photos to us, use that hashtag and stay tuned for the announcement of the photo that gets the top vote right here on BMod. Who knows, it might be your dog we feature. For BMod, I’m Image credit: Ant Pruitt

Ant Pruitt

Author: Ant Pruitt

Based in Charlotte, NC, Ant Pruitt covers photography and smartphone cameras for BreakingModern. Follow him @ant_pruitt on Twitter.

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