Marshall Major II: Headphones that Rock

BreakingModern — Headphones have become so popular that you can find them manufactured by countless companies all with hundreds of different specifications. Choosing a good pair has become more complex than it should. There are several things to take into account when picking headphones that are right for you, but the first one is always sound quality.

Major II headphones

High-End Sound

For that, it’s often best to rely on a tried-and-true company in the audio business. That’s where Marshall comes in — a company whose name is synonymous with “rock legend.” Marshall has been in the audio business for over 50 years — the company began in West London in the 1960s and was founded by Jim Marshall, who worked to give guitarists a richer, harder sound for their new type of music, which, as we all know, became very popular.

Marshall’s Major II headphones, in line with that audio background (though produced many years later), are pretty impressive. True to its heritage, the headphones include customized drivers that deliver deep bass with a refined mid-range. The audio has a nice heavy quality with little distortion.

Major II headphones


These headphones boast a solid build and classic good looks. The embossed vinyl headband and foldable earpieces are nicely padded and easily adjustable. The padding and flexibility in the ear caps make these headphones quite comfortable (especially on my small head). There is, however, one caveat. If you have a large head, you’ll want to try these on before you buy, because they are quite tight-fitting.

The Major II headphones come with a double-ended coil cord that has brass ends and an L-plug on one end, which is fully detachable. There are 3.5 mm jacks on the bottom of both ear pieces, giving you a choice of which side to attach the cord. This also allows for an additional plug-in when you want to listen with a friend. You can use the built-in microphone to take calls while listening to music on your phone too. The in-line control can answer calls, hang up, play and pause music as well as fast forward and rewind.

Major II headphones

The first model of the Major headphones has been significantly improved — the clarity of sound, as well as the style of design have both been enhanced, which make this a killer pair of headphones. Likewise, the adjustability of both the band and the ear cups has also been upgraded, which make for comfortable listening.

The Major II headphones retail for $120 and give a good depth of sound for that price. Although I liked the sound of these headphones, we all know that ears are different. As with all headphones and ear buds, I advise you to try them out to see how they fit your head and see how you like their sound.

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